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  • Sunsets Untold – Wanderhome Supplement

    Sunsets Untold – Wanderhome Supplement

    I did it! I published my first rpg supplement! Sunsets Untold is the result of experimenting with what apocalyptic fiction could look like in Wanderhome. Too often I see depictions of apocalypse that are soulless spectacles or lifeless wastelands. Most apocalypses don’t look like either! Apocalypses litter history: The Indus Civilization collapse, The Late Bronze…

  • Calling Cards of Doskval

    Calling Cards of Doskval

    Wanting some experience publishing things on Itch, I packed up assets I made for a past Blades In The Dark campaign. Itch is a very neat platform for indies, I think I’ll use it more.

  • Spell: The RPG – Letter Tile Generator

    Spell: The RPG – Letter Tile Generator

    Spell’s letter drafting mechanic makes it a unique game, but also makes it hard to play online without a unique tool. I got the itch to make something after seeing another tool made for Spell fall into disrepair. So, after finding some visual inspo (I’m still proud of the proc-gen paper effect) I banged this…

  • Journey into the Ironlands

    Journey into the Ironlands

    I decided over the 2020 holidays to build a virtual tabletop. It went okay. I’ve been having fun playing with Ironsworn but also picking it apart to see how it ticks mechanically. It got stuck in my head for so long I started wondering what an Ironsworn focused tabletop app would look like. Now I…

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