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  • Meme Insider Redesign

    Meme Insider Redesign

    After hearing about it a couple times from reddit and youtube, I decided to seek out an issue of Meme Insider. I immediately fell in love with the goof.

  • Super Media Collider Extravaganza for Reddit

    Super Media Collider Extravaganza for Reddit

    After reading a bit about HyperDev Gomix Glitch, I really wanted to take it for a test spin. I had been reading up on Vue JS when the popular app (and its creator) started going through some rough times.

  • u/AyrA_ch creates a media player in Excel to circumvent their work PC’s restrictions For me this really just enforces my belief that hardcore Excel users are just crazy programmers in denial.

  • Motorcycle Chariot Races in New South Wales circa 1936

    Now this is motorsport. More info on motorcycle chariot racing Image source: Reddit (as far as I can tell).

  • /u/harmelion applies cuil theory to Reddit as a unit of measurement A very very meta discussion I realize, but still a great comment.

  • Mac Worm uses Reddit for botnet propagation It’s a little old now, I’m surprised I hadn’t blogged about it before now, but I feel it’s still an interesting little exploit to mention. From my naive understanding of the exploit, it masks itself as a Java-esque app and trys to gain port listening access surreptitiously. The novel part is that once it can, it searches […]


  • An interpetation of the Don Hertzfeldt Simpsons Couch Gag Such an interesting interpretation. I feel both smarter for having read it, and a little bit dumb for not realizing any of it after initial watching the clip. I can not modern art, apparently. Also, if you want to see the couch gag in question, you can watch it on YouTube

  • Fan made SpaceX wallpaper

    Neat wallpaper made by /u/ luke_in_the_sky

  • Water

    A nice little picture done by /u/dangerjoe using a source submitted by /u/iopuyrtq

  • Brutalist Monuments in Ex-Yugoslavia

    These are some pretty amazing looking structures, despite what they stood for. Thanks to /u/PlushSandyoso and Crack Two for the tip on this great album