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  • Achieving an Inset border-radius on the Web: The Methods and Madness of Beveled Corners

    In a recent web-dev project, a design required scooped corners on someĀ images. This problem has been tackled many times before. But even so, it took some time to find a solution that worked for the project I was working on. In case someone walks down this path again, I thought I’d write about what methods […]


  • Winamp 2 in HTML A really well done project, though I’m slightly disappointed that the scrolling title wasn’t implemented with a <marquee> tag.

  • How to use a Single Pixel Camera

  • Work Life Imbalance While it is a topic I’ve seen talked about a bit in the Technology field, it’ll be nice to see a regular column about it. If we are going to maintain a sustainable industry where things like burnout aren’t an overshadowing menace, then maintaining a work/life balance needs to be talked about more.

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