The EFF comments on the latest TPP leaks

Yes I know I’m a little late sharing this, but I think it’s important that I still mention it.

I don’t think I can coherently comment on all the issues related to current TPP talks (there seem to be plenty of other people capable of that), but the EFF does a very good job outlining what is currently being discussed.


Canadian American Business Council calls for ‘hackathon’ to solve US/Canada border delays

Yes yes I know Maclean’s is Maclean’s but this really just seems to be a standard newswire piece from The Canadian Press, and the Maclean’s site is prettier than most Canadian news sites at the moment.

That aside, it seems… intriguing that “the business community is urging governments to seek solutions from private-sector whiz kids”, as the article puts it.

And while that might be the most condescending description of hackathon goers ever made, the idea could produce some helpful ways of reducing the delay at the border.

But what I think might hamper the project the most, if it does happen, is that I doubt they will accept any ideas that alter current laws and standards of security.

What would decrease border delays more than anything would be a demilitarization of the border altogether. I doubt that such change will come anytime soon though, and certainly not from a hackathon of “private-sector whiz kids”.


Should Wiretapping Be Legalized? (1954)

Echoing my thoughts after finding this on Reddit, I still find this video interesting on so many levels.

Regardless of what side you fall on the debate of lawful interception, it’s revealing that we had almost the exact same debate 60 years ago.

Replace Communism with Terrorism, Phones with the Internet, and the FBI with the NSA, and you have strikingly similar arguments made about lawful interception today.


Georgia dealers want Tesla store shuttered for selling too many Teslas

It’s unfortunate to see car dealerships both having the will and the ability  to put so much leverage on legislating away competition.

I hope Tesla can continue to break through and gain traction, so that this sort of legislation becomes more politically unsavory.


Humans Need Not Apply

This is a great video from CGP Grey that summarizes the whole end game of automation very very well.

I’m not sure what the exact answer is as we seem to run headlong towards the tipping point.

Maybe we dive headlong into a socialistic society (I’ll be the first to vote for the Star Trek Utopia).

But how do we take the leap? Is there a memo sent out one day telling people they don’t need to come into work anymore? Automation won’t come quite that quickly, I suppose.

What do we do once we reach a sustained unemployment rate of 10%? 20%? 45%?

It’s hard to imagine a world where almost half of the population are unemployable, while the majority still have 9-5, Monday to Friday jobs.

I think I’d like to look into this topic a bit more, it’s just such an utterly novel concept that seems startlingly inevitable.