The Internet Arcade at the Internet Archive

Great collection of old emulated games from IA. And while MESS in a browser can still be a mess, browser based emulation has come a long way.

Here are some of my highlights from the collection:


Should Wiretapping Be Legalized? (1954)

Echoing my thoughts after finding this on Reddit, I still find this video interesting on so many levels.

Regardless of what side you fall on the debate of lawful interception, it’s revealing that we had almost the exact same debate 60 years ago.

Replace Communism with Terrorism, Phones with the Internet, and the FBI with the NSA, and you have strikingly similar arguments made about lawful interception today.


Derinkuyu & The Underground Cities of Cappadocia

This is kind of amazing to me. Seeing how people who lived so long ago tackled all the engineering issues that would come up when making a structure like this is so fascinating. This is as impressive to me as the Pyramids of Giza.

Sometimes Interesting


In 1963, a man in the Nevşehir Province of Turkey knocked down a wall of his home. Behind it, he discovered a mysterious room. The man continued digging and soon discovered an intricate tunnel system with additional cave-like rooms. What he had discovered was the ancient Derinkuyu underground city, part of the Cappadocia region in central Anatolia, Turkey.

The elaborate subterranean network included discrete entrances, ventilation shafts, wells, and connecting passageways. It was one of dozens of underground cities carved from the rock in Cappadocia thousands of years ago. Hidden for centuries, Derinkuyu‘s underground city is the deepest.

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