The Internet Arcade at the Internet Archive

Great collection of old emulated games from IA. And while MESS in a browser can still be a mess, browser based emulation has come a long way.

Here are some of my highlights from the collection:


Felicia Day on GamerGate

This is a really great and even-tempered post discussing gamergate but more largely the way that online harassment can be almost subconsciously internalized and affect our everyday actions in ways we might not realize.

But I really love her call to spend time loving your hobby and not hating those who you think threaten it. It really is a far healthier way of living.


This game supports more than two players

Note: Some NSFW language, but this can be a NSFW issue.

I’m so glad for TotalBiscut presenting a calm and thoughtful look at the current story surrounding Zoë Quinn and the various issues that this story touches on in the larger gaming community.

What I want to echo more than anything is the distaste of so many people claiming a neutral or un-extreme position is not possible, or even reprehensible.

If we are so quick to “choose sides”, how can we ever expect to empathize with each other?

If you don’t want to listen to TB’s reading you can also read the blog article.