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  • Achieving an Inset border-radius on the Web: The Methods and Madness of Beveled Corners

    In a recent web-dev project, a design required scooped corners on some¬†images. This problem has been tackled many times before. But even so, it took some time to find a solution that worked for the project I was working on. In case someone walks down this path again, I thought I’d write about what methods […]


  • A Horrible Abuse of Gradients in the Name of Fancy Buttons

    Here’s a demo¬†of a button style I’ve been playing with lately. I could perhaps be done in an easier way, but I’m using four CSS gradients in the background to simulate four bevelled corners. This method definitely has its downsides (doesn’t really support transitions and is a bit jaggy in chrome) it could be useful […]