The Medium and Its Message

The influence of news

Wish I could find more info on this image but unfortunately Google is failing me on this one.

Such an interesting image, and I find this happening to so many people.

I guess this is an effect of only out of the ordinary stuff being on the news. If you have no frame of reference for a news story about a certain group or culture, it’s easy to let your assumptions be coloured by only hearing negative stories.

Burning out and moving on.

As you may have noticed, this blog has been very quiet for a few weeks. Too quiet, some might say.

I thought that I should write a second notice to append my first notice on this blog being so silent.

In short, I stopped having fun with it.

I got too caught up with having a schedule and organizing posts and making sure that I had spaced out content every week and so on. It slowly became more and more work and suddenly I had noticed that I wasn’t enjoying it anymore.

So, I’ve stopped clinging to any semblance of routine and have decided to only post links when I’m really interested in them/have something to say, and spend some more time on (slightly) longer form stuff and other side projects.

No promises, but we’ll see what comes in the new year.



Apologies for the recent prolonged silence, I’m afraid I have no better excuses than the weight of life and the strength of momentum (which are pretty poor excuses). I will try to resume posting soon.