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A Meandering Consciousness

Sunsets Untold – Wanderhome Supplement

I did it! I published my first rpg supplement!

Sunsets Untold is the result of experimenting with what apocalyptic fiction could look like in Wanderhome.

Too often I see depictions of apocalypse that are soulless spectacles or lifeless wastelands. Most apocalypses don’t look like either!

Apocalypses litter history: The Indus Civilization collapse, The Late Bronze Age collapse, The Plague, our current climate collapse etc etc.

For most people these events were slow, looming shifts that gradually upended every part of life.

But life still continued. There was always a future to hope for, even if it didn’t resemble what came before.

Wanderhome meanwhile is a ttrpg about un-mighty travelers searching for a home. Where the places found are as important as the character arcs.

So Wanderhome is perfect to explore what the end means to people who have to live in it, not solve it. You see it reflected in people who have to wake up and go to work tomorrow. In how places and the stories around them change.

A shoutout to the OMM community, their excitement for my experiments has fueled me.


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