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A Meandering Consciousness

Journey into the Ironlands

I decided over the 2020 holidays to build a virtual tabletop.

It went okay.

I’ve been having fun playing with Ironsworn but also picking it apart to see how it ticks mechanically. It got stuck in my head for so long I started wondering what an Ironsworn focused tabletop app would look like.

Now I wasn’t crazy enough to try and make something on the level of Foundry VTT or Roll20. Quite to opposite. I wanted to make a text first experience, enhanced by automation where it fits.

And what I made sorta works! The central notes area acts as both a journal and adventure log. Maps, rolls, and oracles work on a basic level. And the whole experience works on mobile. Unfortunately, the scope got out of hand, and it’ll be on hold until I pare it back down to something I can properly release.


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