Jonathan Kay: Did one man’s attack on Parliament really change Canada ‘forever’?

I don’t think I agree with all of the author’s conclusions, mainly that the availability of video from the Ottawa Shooting incident meant that “We took in the fear before we could process the facts.”

But even with that assertion, I find this a very very interesting article calling for a little more calm contemplation of the events, so that we might make decisions based on fact instead of fear.

I’m very worried that the events of the last week or so will cause Parliament to pass “anti-terror” bills more easily then they might have before.

It seems to me that recent events call for more emphasis on metal health and availability of care for those with such issues, but I guess that’s just my opinion.

National Post | Full Comment

‘Our world has changed forever today and we don’t even know yet how much,” Canadian Senator Fabian Manning declared on Wednesday, after a shootout in the heart of Canada’s Parliament buildings, which ended with the death of rampaging gunman Michael Zehaf-Bibeau. In an editorial entitled “The End of Innocence,” the Calgary Herald solemnly declared that “Canada will never be the same again.” “Just as America changed the moment the planes hit the Twin Towers, Canada was forever altered the moment Cpl. Nathan Cirillo was struck down [by Zehaf-Bibeau],” wrote Susan Clairmont of the Hamilton Spectator. “In the hours and days and years to come, we will know that this was a pivotal moment that we can never turn back from.”

Is all this true? Are we indeed living in a dangerous new era in which the desecration of public spaces by bullets and blood becomes a part of daily…

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