I watch Sherlock, Season 3

I step outside.

The cold adds another edge to the crispness I see in the snow reflecting the setting sun.

The starkness and colour begs you to take it in. I can almost feel my field of view try and bend to absorb it all. It’s how an out of body experience must feel, in the romanticized envisioning of a child.

I (try to) take a shower.

Outside, the sun has set. The snow is clinging to the last vestiges of light as they slip through its fingers.

The scene is now dimmer, softer. And, while still beautiful, holds less of an all-encompassing grip on the mind.

Oh yes, I also watched Sherlock.

It was quite a ride, as the somewhat unintentional livelog of my watching the show reveals nicely.

There aren’t many shows I watch, and even fewer I invest myself in. So I don’t claim any deep insight or analysis of television, especially with this season being so fresh in my mind.

But I would like mention a few things (minor spoilers may proceed).

I can’t help but feel that the initial drama roller coaster you experience was incredibly well done. Though I can’t say how it stands up to a second viewing, it feels like the show sets a good pace that builds throughout the season.

Mary was a superb addition and I feel that she is an amazingly well written character. While a tiny bit unbelievable in places, she makes for a great new dimension in Sherlock and John’s relationship. She both reveals and affirms traits in both John and Sherlock, while developing into her own interesting character. I’m happy she’s used in that way instead of being another plot device or quick joke like pretty much all of John’s previous relationships (or being of no real consequence, as the original material seems to suggest).

While the show is titled Sherlock, I’m glad that there continues to be almost as much light shone on the person of John and what he goes through.

And boy does he go through a lot.

The most interesting part of his personal ordeals is that, while it can take him some time to recover, he almost seems to thrive off it all. I’m not sure if that makes him endearing, incredible, or completely unbelievable. Maybe all of the above.

But most of all I’m so glad with what the show continues to do with the character of Sherlock. Within ten minutes you are cheering on, engrossed, shocked, appalled and inexplicably forgiving of his actions. You see him as a god, a man, and a machine and he silently dares you to judge him for any of it.

And that, is my impression of the third season of Sherlock.

The light is gone now, the view has vanished, the moment lost.


I guess I’ll have to wait two years for Season 4…



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